About us

Our company is working on satisfying all our costumers’ needs in loom and beady works .established on 2006 in Aleppo Syria and moved to Gaziantep turkey by 2012 then moved to Istanbul to expand our markets and branches. Developing our services and delivering the best to become the number one handy loom and beady works business in all turkey.

Vision and mission

We don’t just work for money … The money is definitely coming.
We work in this field because of our passion and love for it, as your trust is important to us and your choice of us is one of the secrets of our success and we aim through developing our company to reach the world. Because after being number one in turkey it the time to become number one internationally. The mean idea about this website is to make it easier for you to reach us and our designs … Your choice of us means that you choose the best, the finest, and more sales ..
With full love and appreciation….